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HideMyAss is one of the largest VPN providers in the world, with more than 720 servers and more than 340 locations in 190 countries. The VPN service is operated by Privax LTD, already founded in 2005. Apart from the headquarters in Great Britain, the company operates branches in the Ukraine and Serbia.

HideMyAss VPN software uses a secure 256-bit AES encryption, ensuring that user data are securely protected. The kill switch automatically closes preconfigured programs in the case of emergencies. DNS leaking blocking ensures that there are no DNS leaks. HideMyAss only stores a minimum of log files on usage. No received or sent data, or histories on visited websites, are recorded.

The knowledge database on the website offers users tips and tricks on how to use the VPN software. HideMyAss customer service provides users with live support 365 days a year per live chat or email. In addition, customers can use the 30-day money-back guarantee and can always cancel their subscription online.


Many households enjoy streaming video and music. It is continually growing more popular. Well-known companies, such as Netflix, BBC, Kodi, Sky, and Amazon, offer their customers a huge variety of streaming content and even produce exclusive content. In addition to music, films, and series, sports broadcasts of the NBA, NHL, NFL and various soccer matches are streamed through the Internet. The streaming content cannot be played in each country at the same time. Shortly after distribution, they are usually only available in the country of production. IP barriers are put up because of synchronization and licensing issues, blocking access.

All streaming limitations and problems can be bypassed relatively simply using VPN software. The software masks the actual IP address and changes the virtual location of the user. The IP barrier can no longer block the user as the software offers a location that allows for full access of the streaming content. Users can use VPN software to also watch films and series in the original languages as well as live sports broadcasts.

The network of HideMyAss offers comprehensive and very high-performance coverage, with more than 720 VPN servers (360 servers in the US alone) at more than 340 locations in 190 different countries. Thanks to a huge selection of 94,000 dynamic IP addresses, each user receives a free IP address without waiting. The VPN software of HideMyAss is optimally suited for streaming high-resolution 4K content, with maximum download and upload speeds of around 49 Mbit per second. HideMyAss VPN software can be used as an app on mobile devices running on Apple iOS or Google Android.


VPN software significantly minimizes the risks associated with file sharing. Most VPN clients support the P2P connections necessary for file sharing. Users can share files completely anonymously using VPN software. The IP addresses and data connections are encrypted. As such, user data and activities cannot be detected and the users remain anonymous.

HideMyAss VPN software wins users over with high speed and fast global access. Uploads and downloads reach speeds of up to 63 Mbit per second, and the software is therefore usable for file sharing. The pro version of the software even offers unlimited bandwidth. Certain software can be automatically disconnected in the case of a connection interruption by using the kill switch. HideMyAss only stores a minimum of user data and does not record communication data or histories.

Bypassing firewalls

Some countries, such as Turkey, Russia, or China are known to significantly restrict Internet access. Their citizens cannot visit all Internet websites or use all Internet services. Well-known services and websites, such as Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, or Twitter, are often blocked or restricted. Public and private networks that people use in public institutions and companies are often severely restricted by firewalls as well.

The restrictions in place in various countries can be bypassed without large effort using VPN software. Users simply change their virtual location with the software and mask their actual address. The VPN client effortlessly circumvents firewalls in company networks and country-specific firewalls. Users can use all Internet websites and services without any restriction. In addition, all data communication is encrypted by the VPN software so that the data cannot fall into the wrong hands.

HideMyAss VPN software users have 720 high-performance servers at their disposal in more than 190 countries at 340 locations. Each user is assigned a virtual location without complications thanks to the large database of 94,000 IP addresses. All data connections are encrypted using secure 256-bit AES encryption, leaving authorities and hackers without a chance. HideMyAss VPN software circumvents every company and country-specific firewall. This eliminates all restrictions and clusterings. The software automatically chooses the fastest-available server from the global network using speed guide technology.

Security & anonymity

The Internet has not been the safe haven it used to be for quite some time now. Many dangers loom for users in public as well as private networks. Internet crime has been on the rise for years now; hacker attacks occurring regularly. Experienced hackers can access private and banking data relatively effortlessly. Small wonder that many users worry about their data and that companies (mis)use these data for advertising purposes. File sharing users run the additional risk of being uncovered by authorities, resulting in lawsuits by the large media companies.

A VPN client allows all Internet users to completely protect their privacy and significantly improve Internet security. Users’ IP addresses are completely masked, and all data are encrypted before transmission. Companies, hackers, or authorities cannot access personal user data. Users benefit from a secure data tunnel and do not need to worry about their security and privacy.

Even though Privax LTD is headquartered in Great Britain, the company only stores a minimum of user data. In general, neither user data communication nor surfing history are recorded or stored. Software users benefit from a secure AES-256 data encryption and can use the kill switch function if need be. Automatic emergency connection cancellation is useful when using file sharing software. It automatically closes this software if the connection is interrupted. Aside from all common standard protocols, the software even supports the modern IKEv2 protocol. All protocols supported by HideMyAss VPN software are listed in the table below.


Table 1: Protocols

Users can pay for their HideMyAss subscription with gift cards or Coint payments. As such, customers benefit from more difficult backtracking compared to the classic payment methods and can pay for the software anonymously. The experienced provider generally stores almost no user data and does not release these data either. All important security features of HideMyAss are listed in the following table.

Security featureHideMyAss
AES-256 data encryption
Kill switch
DNS-leaking blocking
Accepts Coint payments or gift cards

Table 2: Summary of security and anonymity features


HideMyAss VPN software users can choose among 94,000 dynamic IP addresses. In addition, customers have more than 720 VPN servers at more than 340 locations in 190 different countries at their disposal. The maximum download and upload speeds we measured in our tests were 63 Mbit/s. The huge amount of servers ensures a very dense VPN network and as such very good performance. HideMyAss therefore wins users over with an excellent connection, without interruptions or connection losses.

The HideMyAss servers guarantee consistently high speeds when streaming, surfing, and sharing files. The ping time is only 5 ms on average, and it only takes 8 seconds to establish a connection. The VPN software of HideMyAss is optimally suited for online gamers as well because of the additional low latency. The combination of high speeds and unlimited data volume makes the software perfect for streaming high-resolution content. All important performance features of the provider are listed in the table below.

Performance featureHideMyAss
Max. download speed63 Mb/s
Max. upload speed49 Mb/s
Ping time5 ms
Time to connect8s
Reliability ratingVery good

Table 3: Performance data


The VPN software of HideMyAss can be easily installed on Windows and Macintosh computers. Apps are available in the official stores for the mobile operating systems Apple iOS and Google Android. The VPN software needs to be manually installed on Linux computers, Windows Phone, and DDWRT routers. The client wins users over with intuitive operation. All platforms and operating systems compatible with the VPN software are listed in the following table.

Mac OSClient
LinuxManual configuration
Windows PhoneManual configuration
DDWRT routerManual configuration

Table 4: Device compatibility

We show you just how easy it is to operate the software in our video.https://content.jwplatform.com/players/9DNZgedV-RoJOjGAv.html

Users can find tips and tricks on the use of the VPN software in the knowledge database on the website. HideMyAss customer support can be reached 365 days a year per live chat or email. Customers can use the 30-day money-back guarantee and can also always cancel their subscription online.

Bottom line

HideMyAss is an experienced company that offers very high-performance VPN software. With a huge selection of over 720 servers at more than 340 locations in more than 190 countries, with 94,000 IP addresses, HideMyAss is one of the highest-performance providers. Customers benefit from a secure AES-256 encryption and can activate the automatic kill switch function if desired. The company stores no more customer data than absolutely necessary. The IP addresses of the users are masked, and data communication cannot be accessed by authorities, companies, or hackers. Users circumvent all common firewalls and IP barriers with HideMyAss software.

The VPN software only takes minutes to install; it is intuitive in operation. It is optimally suited for gamers as well as streaming and file sharing users thanks to consistently high download and upload speeds, unlimited data volume, and low latency. Customers can pay for their subscription anonymously if desired using a gift card or Coint payment. Users benefit from the 30-day money-back guarantee if they are not satisfied.

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