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Surf anonymously – in 3 web steps!

If you think that you are in anonymous space while connecting to the Internet, then you are wrong. Many websites and services connect to the data link and download whatever they need. But you can influence this process. We want to show you how you can be 100% anonymous on the internet in just 3 steps.

Surf the internet anonymously and securely in 3 steps

1. Disguise your identity completely

Every user should know that web surfing should be safe. Hackers steal a huge amount of data every day, such as bank card numbers, e-wallets and other important aspects. Using VPN, you can secure yourself online. It is highly recommended that you use a VPN to surf the internet. This disguises your IP address and thus makes it inaccessible to third parties.

Insider tip: Only use trustworthy VPN service providers! You can find an overview of reputable providers here.

VPNs hide your IP address using their servers.
VPN’s hide your IP address with using their servers.

Evaluating the effectiveness

Protection against hackers: very high

Protection against intelligence services: very high

Protection against advertisers: average to very high

2. Delete existing cookies

Cookies are files that can be used to identify your online activity. This is a potential threat, as ill-wishers can use it for their own purposes.

How to delete cookies from your browser:

  • Chrome: “Menu (three dots) – More tools – Clear browsing data”
  • Internet Explorer & Edge: “Menu (three dots) – Settings – Clear browsing data – Cookies and saved websites – Delete”
  • Firefox: “Menu (three lines) – Settings – Privacy – History – Remove cookie – Remove all cookies.
  • Opera: “Menu (top left) – Settings – Privacy & Security – Clear browsing data”

Evaluating the effectiveness

Protection against hackers: none (identity can be determined via IP address)

Protection against intelligence agencies: none (identity can be determined via IP address)

Protection against advertisers: low (only once)

3. Incognito browser to avoid new cookies

After you have deleted all cookies, you must prevent new cookies from being downloaded to your device. You can do this by simply using the “incognito mode“, which is integrated in all major browsers. This mode blocks your browser from downloading any cookies.

Follow the following procedure to open a new incognito window on your browser:

  • Chrome: Ctrl (CMD) + Shift + N
  • Internet Explorer & Edge: Ctrl + Shift + P
  • Firefox: Ctrl (CMD) + Shift + P
  • Opera: Ctrl (CMD) + Shift + N

Evaluating the effectiveness

Protection against hackers: none (identity can be determined via IP address)

Protection against intelligence agencies: none (identity can be determined via IP address)

Protection against advertisers: average

Surprisingly easy: Surf anonymously in only 3 steps!

All 3 steps – am I safe now?

Once you have deleted existing cookies, use the incognito mode and a reliable VPN (overview of the best VPNs) to surf the internet anonymously and with maximum security as per the current state of the art. Blocking cookies makes you more anonymous to advertisers. Using a VPN makes you completely anonymous by concealing your IP address, which makes it impossible to track your identity and activity. Thus, VPNs are very effective in protecting you against intelligence agencies and hackers. As the recent scandal relating to warnings sent to viewers of erotic website showed, using a VPN is highly recommended especially when viewing pages with explicit content. Here is an overview of more VPN advantages that we have compiled for you.

VPNs are the most effective way to protect yourself from hackers and cyber criminals.

Who is the best VPN provider?

Finding the right provider is not easy. Established providers, such as CyberghostVPN, are recommended for both beginners and advanced users because they take account of all important aspects and have no weak pointsCyberghostVPN users can use the software on up to 6 devices simultaneously (PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone, or game console). CyberghostVPN is compatible with almost all major streaming service providers and does not log user data. The data transfer is encrypted to the highest security standards. CyberghostVPN has over 2,800 servers making its server network very stable and reliable.

Last updated: February 2021

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