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Surf anonymously – How to hide your IP!

The Internet is a rather insecure place where an unsecured connection can cause your device to become infected with viruses or data theft. All this is a real problem as you can become a victim of scammers or hackers.

You should use a VPN in order to insulate yourself from all possible complications. We will show you how to surf the Internet completely anonymously with a VPN (ranking of the best VPN providers) in 3 steps.

Not in the mood for spies? – Learn how to surf without leaving a trace!

Through the VPN tunnel you are protected against hacker attacks!

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Hide your IP = Surf completely anonymously

All users leave a kind of trail on the Internet by which they can be easily calculated. The fact is that during the transfer of data from the user to the website, attackers and any other people can intercept a certain set of traffic that can be used against you. That is why you need to use VPN technologies that prevent such problems. It is highly recommended that you use a VPN to surf the internet. The software disguises your IP address and thereby makes users invulnerable to attacks and anonymous.

Insider tip: Use only trustworthy providers! You can find an overview of reputable providers here.

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This is how a VPN protects you! (Operating principle)

VPN technology hides your real location and makes it impossible to hack your system. The fact is that you are disguising yourself as someone else’s VPN with servers and attackers or the provider cannot track you on the network. The data is therefore no longer transmitted directly from your PC to the server, but will instead be redirected through the VPN server. As a result, the website operator sees only the IP address of the VPN server. Third parties can no longer ascertain your identity.

Important: Without a VPN, a website owner can determine the addresses of their page visitors.

The simple solution: A VPN conceals your IP address. You are anonymous.

VPNs hide your IP address using their servers.
VPNs hide your IP address and identity with the help of VPN servers.

Clever: VPN software also encrypts your Internet connection. This means that you are protected when you use public WiFi.

Hide your IP & surf the Internet securely in 3 steps

1. Choose the best VPN provider

Finding the right provider isn’t easy. Established providers such as our No.1 VPN are recommended for both beginners and advanced users. Cyberghost users can use the VPN software on up to 6 devices at the same time (PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone, or games console). Cyberghost is compatible with all major streaming service providers and does not log user data. Data traffic is encrypted in accordance with military security standards. Additionally, Cyberghost has over 1,800 servers, making its server network very stable and reliable.

2. Quick & easy: The installation

It takes about 3 to 5 minutes to install a VPN. If you want to install VPN software on your computer, simply download the program. Then start the software and let it guide you through the installation process. This is simple and straightforward, even for lay persons. If you want to install the VPN on your smartphone, all you need to do is download the app from the provider and start the installation process.

3. Launch the VPN and surf anonymously

To surf securely, run the VPN program. No complicated settings are necessary. Simply click on “Start VPN connection” and the VPN software will connect to a VPN service near you. From now on, you are surfing anonymously and with an encrypted connection. Your identity is now optimally protected against espionage, hackers, and other Internet threats.

Find the right VPN provider

VPN software is easy to use and available on all devices.

The VPN market is growing rapidly, and the number of offers is also rising. This makes it hard to find the right VPN provider.

Established, all-round providers such as Cyberghost are recommended for beginners and advanced users. Users can use the software in parallel on up to 6 devices, whether PC/Mac, tablet, smartphone, or games console. Cyberghost also runs on Linux computers and is compatible with virtually all streaming providers; in addition, the data traffic is encrypted according to the highest safety standards. With 1,800 servers, Cyberghost’s VPN server network is particularly stable and reliable.

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Last updated: February 2021

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