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How does a VPN work? The explanation

The basic definition of VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. Let’s figure out what kind of technology it is and what advantages it promises to ordinary users. This short article will give you a clear understanding of what it is and how to use it in your daily life.

Avoid being hacked or tracked, using powerful encryption.


How does a VPN work?

Traditional internet connection (without VPN)

Each device that has access to the Internet space also has a personal ip-address. As soon as you visit a certain website, your ISP or the owner of the Internet resource sees your place of residence and some other personal data. If the website is blocked by local providers or has regional restrictions, then you will not be able to access any page. VPN connections allow you to bypass these blockages. Also, sometimes connections to servers may not be encrypted, which promises you some difficulties.

ConclusionWithout a VPN, your PC, phone, or tablet establishes a direct connection to the server. Your IP address is transmitted to the server and you are therefore not anonymous.

Internet connection using a VPN

Используя VPN, вы получаете лазейку, маскирующуюся под чужой ip-адрес, и можете остаться незамеченным на нужный вам интернет-ресурс. Таким образом, провайдер или владелец веб-сайта не смогут узнать, откуда вы подключаетесь.

VPN’s hide your IP address with using their servers.

You can also rely on reliable encryption technology and a separate data transmission channel that cybercriminals cannot hack. Providers such as our No.1 VPN recommendation used military encryption technologies that cannot be decrypted as per the current state of the art.

VPNs encrypt the transfer of private data.

Conclusion: A VPN server anonymizes and encrypts the connection between your phone, PC, or tablet and the server.

What are the advantages of a VPN?

The biggest advantage of VPNs lies in the fact that you can use them to surf the internet anonymously and securely. Through the anonymization, VPNs protect you from receiving a written warning. Using a VPN is particularly advisable for users of file sharing and torrenting platforms. Just like the great Redtube scandal showed, one should always use a VPN when accessing erotic websites since this can quickly lead to a written warning, which can be very expensive.

Porn streamers received written warnings in bulk (read story)

VPNs also offer additional benefits for streamers. For instance, a VPN makes it very easy for you to access the desired content e.g., if you are on holiday and would like to access German content. The following links will help you choose the right streaming VPN:

How do I use a VPN?

Using a VPN is relatively easy, even for non-professionals. You first need to select a VPN provider (overview of the best providers). Next, download and install the VPN software on your PC, tablet, or phone. The installation only takes a few clicks. After the installation, open the program and click on “Activate VPN”. The VPN then connects to the VPN server and you can surf securely and anonymously.

How do I find the best VPN?

The VPN market is growing fast and so is the number of options. This makes it difficult to find the right VPN provider. Established all-round providers, such as Cyberghost, are recommended for both beginners and advanced users. The software can be used on up to 6 devices simultaneously, whether it’s a PC/Mac, a tablet, a smartphone, or a game console. Cyberghost also runs on Linux computers and is compatible with almost all streaming providers. The data transfer is encrypted to the highest security standards. It has over 1,800 servers making the Cyberghost server network very stable and reliable.

Last updated: February 2021

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