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The Information About Us

How we work

Around the world, many users are looking for a suitable software provider. They want to surf the internet safely, build their own websites and homepages, edit and cut cool videos themselves. Today, there are countless large and small software providers, which can make the decision difficult.

Our team of experts has taken on the task of testing different software providers and making recommendations. We test every software provider extensively and take a close look at their offers and services. Out tests contain a lot of valuable information on the services of the software providers, the software’s functionality, and its costs.

With every software service, users receive well-founded evaluations and can gain a comprehensive picture of the strengths and weaknesses. We compare different providers in a transparent way and make recommendations for various user groups. With our extensive expert tests, every user can find a software provider that meets their needs without investing a lot of time.


Roland Neubauer

Enthusiastic video fan

Roland has worked in the IT industry for 15 years and is a father of 2 children. He is an enthusiastic streaming fan and knows nearly all episodes and seasons of Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead by heart. These days, he prefers streaming via Netflix or YouTube to watching TV, because this allows him to access current seasons without delay. Roland is our video expert, since he uses a wide range of video software, both professionally and in his spare time.

Andreas Schmidt

Founder of an internet start-up company

Andreas is our most experienced editor with over 20 years of experience in the online industry. Andreas places great value in high-quality antivirus software. He is well versed in the technology, both professionally and in private life. His area of expertise lies in evaluating antivirus software, particularly particularly in regard to online browsing and real-time protection. Due to his years of experience with different antivirus providers and software, Andreas is good at assessing which antivirus software is best suited for which purpose.

Alexander Maier

Experienced web designer & online marketer

Alexander is at home in the internet and has excellent knowledge of new online technologies. He not only designs websites, but also deals with technology and marketing. He definitely knows his way around the functionality of a website builder. Although he’s not yet using the building software privately, he often deals with it as part of his work. He particularly uses building software to test websites, design, and evaluate new design attempts.

John Maxfield

Lives in New York and travels a lot

John is our globetrotter and currently lives in New York. For his work, John travels to many countries and likes to share his travel experiences via our tested VPN providers. John has excellent knowledge of geo-blocking in various countries and of different streaming services. He is our expert when it comes to evaluating VPN providers in terms of evading firewalls as well as data encryption in public networks. In John’s opinion, a VPN provider primarily needs to work in a simple and secure way. He recommends if you are looking for a suitable VPN.

Natalie Horák

A gamer with heart and soul

Natalie is the youngest in our family of experts. Natalie is a passionate online gamer and tests the compatibility of individual software providers regarding online gaming. As a semi-professional eSports player, Natalie particularly examines service properties as well as the individual software providers’ speed and stability.